Tree-Ring Management

Tree-Ring Management

Take the Long View and Grow Your Business Slowly

Tsukakoshi Hiroshi
Translated by Hart Larrabee

Published by JPIC | Hardcover | ISBN 978-4-916055-46-0 | 168 pages | 188mm (h) x 128mm (w) | March 2015


塚越 寛 著
光文社 刊



About the Book

Hiroshi Tsukakoshi is the chairman of a kanten manufacturer that is far from the bustle of Tokyo amid the natural beauty of Nagano prefecture. His desire has been to build the kind of company that makes its employees happy and makes a contribution to society by doing so. His philosophy is to take the long view, growing his business slowly and steadily through “tree-ring management.”

“Over the last 20 years, no one has left the company because they were unhappy,” Tsukakoshi declares. His unique management principles include such ideas as “rapid growth is the enemy” and “the essence of management is creating fans.” His approach has resulted in rising sales and profits for half a century since the company’s founding, and his company welcomes a steady stream of visiting executives and analysts from major corporations, including Murata Manufacturing and the Toyota Group. Chairman Tsukakoshi’s philosophy of seeking steady growth over the long term will enlighten businesspeople around the world about a better way to manage corporations.

About the Author


Tsukakoshi was born in 1937 in Komagane, a small city in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. He dropped out of Ina Kita High School after contracting tuberculosis and later joined Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd. in 1958. He became President in 1983 and assumed the post of Chairman in March 2005. In recognition of his achievements in establishing a stable supply system for kanten and for pioneering new markets in areas such as health care, biotechnology, and nutritional care, Tsukakoshi was awarded the Government of Japan’s Medal of Honor with Yellow Ribbon in 1996. In 2002, he received the Outstanding Businessperson Award, the highest award from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Company honoring outstanding managers of small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2006, as recognition for his accomplishments of achieving 48 consecutive years of rising sales and rising profits, and for his company’s philosophy, track record, and future potential, Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd. received the Good Company Award Grand Prize from the Medium and Small Business Research Institute. An amateur photographer, Tsukakoshi enjoys capturing scenes of nature in his hometown area of Ina, Nagano and around the world. He is the author of Ii kaisha o tsukurimasho [Let’s Build a Good Company] and co-author of Kofuku e no genten kaiki [Getting Back to the Basics of Happiness], both published by Bunya. In 2011, he received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette from the Government of Japan.