The Self-Defense Forces and Postwar Politics in Japan

The Self-Defense Forces and Postwar Politics in Japan

Sado Akihiro
Translated by Noda Makito

Published by JPIC | Hardcover| ISBN 978-4-916055-74-3 | 386 pages | 220mm (h) x 148mm (w) | March 2017


佐道 明広 著
吉川弘文館 刊



About the Book

In 1947, Japan eternally renounced war and the possession of armed forces with its constitution. How, then, did the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) survive, moreover, evolve over the ensuing 70 years into the prominent presence it is today? Sado Akihiro reviews the JSDF's history chiefly from the viewpoint of restrictions imposed on it by civil officials of the national bureaucracy, based on lessons gleaned from the arbitrary conduct of the military in pre-World War II days. He also explores the financial constraints placed on the JSDF in the form of a percentage of the GNP. This book traces the inside story of U.S.-Japan relations and Japan's defense policy. It attempts to shine a light on the true state of the JSDF in the midst of new challenges that put it at a crossroads, including post-9/11 international terrorism, North Korean nuclear development, and China's increased military presence in Asia.

About the Author

SADO Akihiro

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1958, Sado Akihiro graduated from the Faculty of Law, Gakushin University in 1983 and the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1989 and earned his Ph.D. in political science at Gakushin University. Presently, Sado is professor at the School of Business and Public Policies of Chukyo University.

His recent publications include: Jieitai-shi: Boei seisaku no 70-nen [History of Japan Self-Defense Forces:70 years of defense policy] (2015); Jietai-shi ron: Sei-kan-gun-min no 60-nen [Historiography of the Japan Self-Defense Forces: 60 years of government-bureaucracy-military-civilian relations] (2015); Okinawa gendai seiji-shi [Contemporary political history of Okinawa] (2014); Gendai Nippon seiji-shi (5): Kaikaku seiji no konmei [Contemporary political history of Japan (5): Reform politics in a confusion] (2012); and Sengo Nippon no boei to seiji [National defense and politics in postwar Japan] (2003).