The first five titles of the JAPAN LIBRARY have been published!

May 26, 2015

The first five titles of the JAPAN LIBRARY have been published at the end of March 2015. They are the very first commemorative of many more to be published from JAPAN LIBRARY!


Here are the names of the five titles:

  • Flower Petals Fall, but the Flower Endures: The Japanese Philosophy of Transience (Seiichi Takeuchi)
  • If There Were No Japan: A Cultural Memoir (Roger Pulvers)
  • Listen to the Voice of the Earth: Learn about earthquakes to save lives (Satoko Oki)
  • Saving the Mill:
    The amazing recovery of one of Japan's largest paper mills following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
    (Ryoko Sasa)
  • Tree-Ring Management: Take the Long View and Grow Your Business Slowly (Hiroshi Tsukakoshi)

The voyage of these books will cover great distances over time and reach a countless number of readers across the globe. We are excited to imagine who will read them and how!

The worlds that can be extended from a book are boundless.
We are hoping the JAPAN LIBRARY to be one of the driving forces transcending all the conventional boundaries and creating new worlds.