Adding Five New Titles in 2016!

May 06, 2016

Here are our 5 new titles which have just come out in March 2016. We have presented them to major universities and public libraries around the world.

new titles 2016.JPG

New Titles from JPIC Publications in 2016

  • The Building of Horyu-ji: The Technique and Wood that Made It Possible
    By Nishioka Tsunekazu and Kohara Jiro
  • Essays on the History of Scientific Thought in Modern Japan
    Edited by Kanamori Osamu
  • Fifteen Lectures on Showa Japan: Road to the Pacific War in Recent Historiography
    Edited by Tsutsui Kiyotada
  • Kabuki, a Mirror of Japan: Ten Plays that Offer a Glimpse into Evolving Sensibilities
    By Matsui Kesako
  • The People and Culture of Japan: Conversations Between Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro
    By Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro

E-book editions of all the titles above are coming soon. We will update this website when they become available!