E-book editions of five new titles are now available!

Jul 01, 2016

We are happy to announce that e-book editions of all our current titles are now available.


  • The Building of Horyu-ji: The Technique and Wood that Made It Possible
    By Nishioka Tsunekazu and Kohara Jiro
  • Essays on the History of Scientific Thought in Modern Japan
    Edited by Kanamori Osamu
  • Fifteen Lectures on Showa Japan: Road to the Pacific War in Recent Historiography
    Edited by Tsutsui Kiyotada
  • Kabuki, a Mirror of Japan: Ten Plays that Offer a Glimpse into Evolving Sensibilities
    By Matsui Kesako
  • The People and Culture of Japan: Conversations Between Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro
    By Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro

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