Reception for MEXT Scholars in Tokyo

Nov 21, 2017

JAPAN LIBRARY exhibited at the welcoming party for exchange students studying mostly in the Kanto area. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), with over 550 students from all over the world gathering at the Tokyo International Exchange Center on November 18th. We hope to provide these students with the information and resources necessary to understanding the many facets of Japan in support of their language studies.

11.18 JASSO event.jpg

Author Events at Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

Nov 17, 2017

Prof. Alexander Bennett, author of Bushido and the Art of Living, gave another two insightful lectures about zanshin (lingering mind) and its importance in the martial art of kendo at Japan Foundation’s Japanese Language Institute – Kansai. Prof. Bennett's lecture was supplemented with real-life demonstrations using both a shinai (bamboo sword) and bokutō (wooden sword). During the lecture and demonstrations, Prof. Bennet was dressed in the traditional kendo wear, a navy blue keikogi (upper garment) and hakama (lower garment).

Students then got to try their hand at kendo with Prof. Bennett teaching them the basics. They practiced posture, footwork, and vocalization in an effort towards achieving ki-ken-tai-icchi (sychronization of ki, sword, and body).

kendo practice.JPG

JAPAN LIBRARY's First Exhibition at the JAIR Annual Convention

Nov 02, 2017

JAPAN LIBRARY had the opportunity to exhibit at the Japan Association of International Relations (JAIR) 2017 Annual Convention in Kobe from October 27 - 29. Held at the Kobe International Conference Center, the event drew in around 700 professors and scholars from all over Japan. With a focus on international relations and politics, we were able to display and introduce titles in the JAPAN LIBRARY series covering those topics.

To see more information about JAIR, please check the following links.