Introducing the JAPAN LIBRARY 2018 Series

12 Brand New Titles

Apr 02, 2018

This year's annual spring publication saw 12 brand new titles added to the JAPAN LIBRARY series with the addition of the 2018 lineup, making for a total of 39 publications so far (many more to come). With each publication, we hope to add depth and expand the breadth of genres covered in the series. We highly welcome any thoughts, opinions, and reviews of our books. For educators considering the use of a JAPAN LIBRARY title as a textbook or for those who wish to add JAPAN LIBRARY titles to their recommended reading lists, please contact us at to request a desk copy application. Details for this year's lineup are listed below. Please have a look and see what titles catch your interest!


1) Japan's Quest for Stability in Southeast Asia: Navigating the Turning Points in Postwar Asia

by Miyagi Taizo ※Published by Routledge

2) Mutsu Munemitsu and His Time

by Okazaki Hisahiko

3) The Territory of Japan: Its History and Legal Basis

by Serita Kentaro

4) Toward Creation of a New World History

by Haneda Masashi


5) Contemporary Japanese Architects: Profiles in Design

by Igarashi Taro

6) Designing Japan: A Future Built on Aesthetics

by Hara Kenya

7) The Japanese Sense of Beauty

by Takashina Shuji

8) Landscape Gardener Ogawa Jihei and His Times: A Profile of Modern Japan

by Suzuki Hiroyuki


9) Edo Japan Encounters the World: Conversations Between Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro

by Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro

10) Mixing Work with Pleasure: My Life at Studio Ghibli

by Suzuki Toshio

11) Words to Live by: Japanese Classics for Our Times

by Nakano Koji


12) Wasan, the Fascination of Traditional Japanese Mathematics

by Sakurai Susumu

Names of Japanese authors appear in order of surname, followed by given name.